Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Why Brazilian Blowout™ is my favorite keratin treatment!

I have worked with three different keratin treatments, and for most hair types, Brazilian Blowout is my favorite. Why?

~It's the ONLY one that shows you the results same-day and doesn't make you WAIT to wash your hair

~The lightweight cream base leaves hair soft and shiny like you wouldn't believe

~The hair is healthy and has a natural-looking wave if not styled, and still looks naturally straight (not stiff) when blow-dried

~It goes back to natural! The results fade slowly, so waves come back and eventually your hair is back to natural if you don't repeat. No obvious roots, re-do it on your own time. Or go through a cycle of straight->wavy->curly and then repeat. (note that to keep it consistent, it is best to re-do it every 10-12 weeks)


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