Friday, October 1, 2010

Brazilian Blowout Responds to formaldehyde accusation

See Brazilian Blowout's Official Statement here.

Brazilian Blowout was recently accused of having formaldehyde in their professional solution, which is labeled "formaldehyde-free." See follow-up information and their initial response here (updated statements on homepage at link above):


This investigation into the contents of Brazilian Blowout™ smoothing treatment began when a stylist, Molly Scrutton of Platform Artistic Salon in Oregon, claimed she was experiencing physical reactions from performing the keratin hair treatment on clients. It should be noted that Molly is NOT a Certified Brazilian Blowout™ Stylist and if she was performing the treatment, she was doing so untrained. Molly’s salon submitted a sample of product that they claim is Brazilian Blowout’s Acai Professional Smoothing Solution. Brazilian Blowout™ has checked their files and according to their records, “the last bottle of solution purchased from this salon was back on January 18th, 2010 (Shipped to Platform Artistic Salon but billed to a different stylist). Certainly, nowhere near the August 12th 2010 date that OHSU claims a bottle was shipped to Platform Artistic Salon.”

It appears that there are some unanswered questions regarding the sample submitted to the Oregon branch of OSHA.

Brazilian Blowout addresses the claim with the following statement [as seen on their website]:

“At Brazilian Blowout, the safety of our products, stylists and consumers is our number one priority. We stand behind the integrity of our product, and affirm that our professional solution is indeed formaldehyde-free.

As a result of the Oregon division of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA)recent claim, Brazilian Blowout is conducting a thorough investigation of these allegations to ensure that accurate data is released to the public.

With regards to OSHA’s claim, the actual source of the formulation tested has not been identified, and was not submitted by the Brazilian Blowout company itself. Because OSHA did not request a sample from the company directly, there is no reason to believe that the formulation tested and found positive for traces of formaldehyde was indeed Brazilian Blowout product. This represents a clear violation of proper testing protocol, and this gross negligence on the part of OSHA invalidates all findings that have been released as a result of OSHA’s testing.”

We look forward to hearing what else comes of this. Increased training for stylists, stricter purchasing power of product for salons and increased safety for stylists and clients via appropriate air filtration systems would all be wonderful things to come of this controversy.

Disclaimer: Jordana Lorraine and Tammy Gibson are not employees or representatives of Brazilian Blowout. The information given here was provided by a Brazilian Blowout representative, and the opinions expressed are those of Jordana Lorraine and Tammy Gibson based on our personal experiences with this and other smoothing treatments. We are not authorized to field calls or answer questions on the company’s behalf.

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