Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Client Review: Formaldehyde-Free Brazilian Blowout ZERO

When Brazilian Blowout announced their new product, Zero, without so much as a trace of formaldehyde, I was ecstatic!  I wanted to try it right away, and I was dying to know how it compared to the Original (find out here.)  I took a class (stylists, check schedule here,) and set about trying it out.  Since Tammy of A Mom in Red High Heels has been so kind as to lend me her forum, I wanted to thank her and her readers with another contest (we have previously given away two makeovers and a Brazilian Blowout.)  I wanted to give one reader the chance to try this brand-new product, and give her review for everyone else to learn from, as well!  While winners have previously been chosen at random, this time I decided to choose by hair type.  So, we asked readers to send in their frizziest hair pics, and a brief rundown of their chemical history.

Enter Dahlia: she has hair that is thick, wavy and medium-textured in the back and more fine, less wavy, and more chemically “affected” in the front.  She has color and highlights, and had never had a treatment to alter her texture, but she did style it regularly into a smoother, straighter look. This made Dahlia our winner!  Her mixed condition and texture are a great way to test a product. 

(Photo taken after Dahlia did a quick blow dry and then slept on it! It looks beautiful, and so easy!)
Two weeks later, I emailed Dahlia and asked for a testimonial to use in this post.  I would have been happy to publish Q&A’s, but was pleasantly surprised when she wrote back in enthusiastic (and flattering!) detail:
“I had an incredible experience with Jordana Lorraine getting the Brazilian Blowout Zero.  I didn’t know what to completely expect, but I had asked around before going, and was told to expect that my eyes would tear up and that the fumes were going to be on the strong side.  I didn’t experience either one at all.  Jordana did have a machine that vents the fumes, but I had no issues with odors from the process nor the burning of the eyes.  Jordana took her time to make sure that my hair was perfect.  She explained everything she was doing and made sure to answer all of my questions.  My hair is long and can be tedious, but Jordana worked her magic.  I walked in a frizzy mess and out with a beautiful head of hair!  I couldn’t believe how incredibly soft my hair was, AND frizz-less!  Not only was Jordana very gentle and kind, but her assistant was as well.  There is nothing like an awesome salon experience, but we all know that the true test to having beautiful hair is waiting to see what it is like when you get home.
I really put my hair up to the challenge because it rained the day after I got it done.  I was sad when I saw the weather because I didn’t want to only have beautiful hair for the one day, but I must say the complete opposite happened in this case.  In damp weather my hair will kink up and totally frizz out.  It sprinkled at my son’s baseball game the next morning, so I wore a hoodie, no issues with my hair.  It poured in the afternoon and I had to go out a couple of times, with an umbrella of course, but still, no kinking or frizz!  My hair looked perfect for days, then the next test…washing it.  I thought that I would lose the softness (seriously my hair is like baby soft) once I washed it, not to mention that the hair around my neck loves to tangle and frizz, and I was sad that it was going to come back.  I couldn’t believe that after washing, drying and sleeping on it, no rat nest underneath!  My hair is so awesome!  I am still in awe of how much easier it is to blow out, quicker with the blow dryer and so few tangles.  I find myself running my fingers through my hair and it is wonderful how it actually makes it to the end with ease. My husband loved it and everytime I see my friends, they are always complimenting me.  My color looks brighter and my hair is just beautiful.
The anti-tangle thing is something I didn’t expect at all.  My brush just glides through my hair now, when I used to have to fight with it before.  It makes drying it easier too…my hair doesn’t knot up on me when I pull a brush through it to blow it out.”
What could I possibly add to that?!  I am so glad that Dahlia is enjoying her Brazilian Blowout Zero, and I hope this helps people see how great this new product is!
Jordana Lorraine, Brazilian Blowout and Keratin Treatment Specialist
Lorraine Colour Bar in Santa Monica, CA  (310) 922-2645
Dahlia’s color and cut by: Kristy Forge  (626) 261-3228.

Post copied as shown on A Mom in Red High Heels.

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